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SalvageData is a trusted leading provider of critical data recovery services, specializing in the retrieval of inaccessible or corrupted data from all Western Digital hard drives and media storage types and formats. Our customers include corporations, government agencies, non-profits and consumers.

Our solutions are focused on providing you the fastest and most reliable secure data recovery service in the industry. Our technicians are leading experts in the data recovery field and are committed to providing you the highest level of service. As a Western Digital partner, SalvageData is offering a special promotional offer for our comprehensive service options to meet every possible data recovery need.

Your benefits as a SalvageData/Western Digital customer include:

  • A 10% discount is extended to owners of Western Digital hard drives and products. ( WD 10% Discount Code CFDCB2 )
  • Fastest Standard turnaround time in the industry:
    • 24-48 hours Emergency Service Options
  • Highest data recovery success rate:
    • We salvage the unrecoverable.
  • Custom solutions for any type of data loss:
    • Mechanical failure, user error, natural disaster
    • All operating systems, all media, all storage devices.
    • Full library of do it yourself data recovery software & tools.
    • Remote recovery solutions.
    • Onsite Emergency services.
  • Superior customer service:
    • 24/7 Case status update and tracking.
    • Free and firm estimates. No upfront fees. No hidden costs ever.
  • ISO Certified Class Environment and Processes.
    • First and only independently reviewed and audited ISO certified data recovery service lab in North America.

SalvageData has offices nationwide to address your data recovery needs. Submit your case now for a free evaluation and review to learn more about our solutions here.


If you utilize data recovery services, Western Digital will not void the warranty associated with the disk drive you purchased from a Western Digital reseller or distributor. To retain the warranty status of your drive, you should ensure that the service provider you use provides you with written verification, on its company letterhead, that it has performed data recovery or other services on your hard drive. In all other instances, Western Digital's warranty is void if a returned disk drive exhibits a defect attributable to misuse or tampering, improper installation, alteration or to other causes as specified in our warranty policy.

Any agreement you may reach with the service provider named below is a matter between you and the service provider. Western Digital makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the services provided by the service provider, including but not limited to, any warranty regarding the quality or reliability of services performed by it. Your selection of the service provider is at your own risk. Western Digital assumes no liability for any loss or damages of any kind that relate to, arise out of or result from the performance of services by the service provider, including, but not limited to any loss of data contained on a Western Digital hard drive.