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We've been shipping our new My Book and My Passport drives with WD SmartWare software for a few months now. During that time we've been listening to our customers. As a result of the feedback, we've developed some improvements to the software.

There are two steps to this update. You'll find detailed instructions below.

  1. Update the drive firmware
  2. Update the software.

This update is only for products that originally shipped with WD SmartWare and will not function on previous generations of products. This update does not work on My Book for Mac, My Passport for Mac or My Book Studio.

To disable the Virtual CD - If you are not running WD SmartWare and wish to disable
the Virtual CD, click here for instructions.

Windows release (3/11/10) This update includes the following changes to WD SmartWare. | Release Notes


What's in the update?

First update your hard drive firmware. Then run the software updater.

Update Instructions