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We're pleased to offer the following updates for your WD TV Live HD media player. Updating your media player is simple. Just follow the instructions below, grab your remote and enjoy the show!

Release 1.06.43 (1/17/2013) | Release Notes

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What's in this update?
  • Supports iOS and Android WD TV Remote Apps. (WD TV Remote version 1.1 Required)
  • Supports YouTube Leanback.
  • Resolved playback issues when indexing large number of files.
  • Resolved FLAC and OGG Vorbis files no audio output via optical connection.
  • Resolved unable to play ADPCM files.
  • Resolved MP3 audio doesn't work in FLV video container.
  • Resolved music not play correctly from network share when a JPG image is in the same folder.
  • Resolved reboot issues when playing VCD files.
  • Resolved USB drive is active after eject dialog is closed.
  • Resolved Facebook Like/Unlike function of video option bar.
  • Resolved network share doesn't filter media category for Photos.
  • Resolved reboot issues after hot plugging USB keyboard.
  • Resolved HDMI issue with certain TV models displaying a purple screen.
  • Resolved audio sync issue on certain .MOV container.
  • Resolved ISO/VOB 10 minute skip function only skips once.
  • Resolved momentary freeze or lag after FFW or REV video file in .VOB container.
  • Resolved audio issue when playing VOB/PCM files when set to Stereo.
  • Resolved random music playback is not random issue.
  • Resolved device reboot issue when playing slideshow and music from network share.
  • Resolved subtitles colors of subtitles and background are displayed incorrectly.
  • Resolved SRT subtitle outline is transparent.
  • Resolved IDX and SUB subtitles without end time info in header are not displayed.
  • Resolved file types filter issue while browsing videos in network share.
  • Resolved several general Flingo user interface issues.
  • Resolved several general Dailymotion user interface and playback issues.
  • Resolved video playback issue with certain MPEG2 video files.
  • Resolved several Pandora user interface issue.
  • Resolved system reboot issue when copying multiple files.
  • Resolved choppy playback issue with VCD video files.
  • Resolved HDMI video output settings being forced to unsupported resolution when setting to auto.
  • --------------------------------------------
  • General Info
  • YouTube has been replaced with YouTube Leanback.
  • Mediafly has been removed from the list of Online Services.
  • Yota service discontinued operation as of July 1, 2012 due to the current situation in the Russian music market.