The latching SATA Cable does not fit snugly when plugged into a WD hard drive

Why does my Latching SATA Cable not fit snug on my new WD hard drive?

  • Western Digital has redesigned the connectors on some of our hard drives to be optimized for use in a variety of applications. These new low profile connectors are without a shroud which can otherwise lead to connector damage due to alignment issues when a carrier is plugged into a backplane.

For Cable environments, are there any better solutions which WD suggests to better mate with our connector?

  • There are 2 types of SATA Cable Receptacles:
    • The SATA cable receptacles with metal external latch. This type of cable would be used on drives which have the shroud on the drive like shown below which also includes internal bumps.


      The latching cable generally does not include the internal bumps.

    • The SATA cable receptacles with internal bumps.

      WD Connector showing indents where your Power and Signal cable would go:



  • For our non-shroud hard drives, we ask that our customers use the SATA cable receptacles with internal bumps like shown in the images above.

WD has tested and recommends the following Cables to make a secure and snug fit.

SATA II Signal Power Combo cable (P/N C0006075) from Circuit Assembly.

7 pin Signal cable: (P/N 88750-5310) from Molex.

7 pin Signal cable: P/N CSATA-0-0-0.50 from Circuit Assembly.

While WD has tested the above cables, we also believe there are other cables you may find at your local resellers that will also provide a snug fit provided they are using the internal bumps for our drives that do not have a shroud present.

You may also obtain the 7 pin Signal cable: (P/N 88750-5310) by contacting Western Digital directly at the link below.

In case the answer did not answer your question, you can always visit the WD Community for help from WD users.

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