WD Customer Portal password policy and password security recommendations

When creating a WD Customer Portal account or resetting the password, the password used must comply with the WD Customer Portal Password Policy below:

WD Customer Portal Password Policy:

  • A password cannot contain the account User Name and cannot match the first or last name of the account holder.
  • A password must contain at least eight characters.
  • A password must contain at least one letter (A-Z or a-z) and one number (0-9).
  • The last three passwords assigned to the account cannot be reused.

Additional Customer Portal password recommendations:

  • Never share a WD Customer Portal account.
  • Never use the same password used on another service. For example, do not use the same account used for a personal email address.
  • Never use password generation tools.
  • Never tell a password to anyone, including people who claim to be from WD Support.
  • Never write down the password.
  • Never communicate the password to WD or anyone else in an e-mail, telephone, or support ticket.
  • Always log off the WD Customer Portal before leaving the computer unattended.

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