How to Create a Remote Backup on a My Cloud Device

  • The Remote Backup feature will backup selected data on a My Cloud device to another My Cloud device located on another network
  • The "Source" (Remote Backup Client) is the My Cloud device that has the data to be backed up
  • The "Destination" (Remote Backup Server) is the My Cloud device that will store the backed up data
  • The destination My Cloud should have Cloud Access, iTunes Server and DLNA Media Server disabled to prevent indexing of backup content
  • If Cloud Access and Media Serving is required, confgure backups to use the "TimeMachineBackup" or "Smartware" default backup shares
  • The backup shares are not indexed by the Cloud service or the Twonky DLNA Server increasing backup performance
  • My Cloud remote backup to 3rd party network products are not supported

To create a Remote Backup on a My Cloud device, follow the instructions below:


Prior to setting up the destination device, ensure that the following steps have been taken:

  • All of the data on the destination device is backed up in a separate location
  • The destination device has the latest firmware version
  • The router that the device is connected to supports UPnP and UPnP is enabled
  • The following instructions are NOT applicable to My Cloud devices running V4 firmware
  • My Cloud NAS single bays units with V2 Firmware require a My Cloud Mirror or Higher to be the destination location
  • My Cloud(s) must be configured with a static IP addresses
  • My Cloud(s) must be set to Port Forward mode and not in Relay mode (Relay Mode is not supported)
  • My Cloud(s) must be connected to a UPnP enabled router with internet connection or on the same network
  • My Cloud ---> UPnP Router ---> INTERNET <--- UPnP Router <--- My Cloud
    My Cloud ---> UPnP Router <--- My Cloud

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A- Configure the Destination My Cloud (Remote Backup Server)
Enabling SSH Step A1
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Enabling Remote Server Step A2
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Configuring Port Forwarding for Remote Backup Step A3
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Obtaining the WAN IP Address Step A4
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Disable Content Scanner Services Step A5
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B- Configure the Destination Router (only needed if router does NOT support UPNP or Network is Double NAT)
Router Does NOT Support UPnP and Network is Double NAT Step B
(instructions will appear below this table)
C- Create a Remote Backup Job on the Source My Cloud (Remote Backup Client)
Create the Job Step C1
(instructions will appear below this table)
Start the Job Step C2
(instructions will appear below this table)
Validating Backed up data Step C3
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What is the difference between copy and synchronize Step C4
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