WD My Passport drive does not spin up, is not recognized, or makes a clicking sound when connected to a computer


The WD My Passport drive does not spin up, tries to spin but clicks, or is not recognized at all when it is connected to a USB or FireWire port on a PC or Mac.


These symptoms are common to a number of different problems. The most common cause is a bad or incorrect cable, a failed USB port on the PC or Mac, or a bad drive. It can also occur if not enough power is reaching the drive.


As these symptoms can occur for numerous reasons the first thing that needs to be done is to isolate the issue. For assistance doing this please try the steps below:
  • Connect the Passport to a computer using a different USB cable. If this resolves the issue the USB cable is either not compatible (see below) or may have failed.
  • Make sure that the USB (or FireWire) cable is no longer than 18 inches in length (22 inches for My Passport drives manufactuered prior to 2007). The drive may not get enough power to run if a USB cable longer than 18 inches is used. USB cables that are guarenteed to be compatible with a My Passport drive are available on the Online Store.
  • Connect the My Passport drive to a different USB or FireWire port on the computer. If this resolves the issue the port may no longer be functioning properly.
  • Verify that the My Passport drive is connected directly to a port on the back or side of the computer. If the My Passport is connected to a USB Hub, or to another device (such as a Monitor or Keyboard) the My Passport drive may not be receiving enough power to operate properly.
  • Note:
    Some third-party data cables may be able to transfer enough power to the drive. This includes "reel" cables and extension cables even if the total length is less than 18 inches. Whenever possible WD recommends using the USB or FireWire cable that came with the My Passport drive.

  • If the drive is connected to a PCMCIA (PC Card) on a notebook computer the drive may only function properly when the PC card is powered with its optional power supply. If the PCMCIA card does not have the capability to add additional power the use of a Power Booster Cable may be required. Please Contact Us for assistance purchasing a Power Booster cable.
  • Verify if the My Passport is visible under disk management. Answer ID 1284: How to access Disk Management in Windows.
  • Connect the My Passport drive to another computer. If this does not resolve the issue and none of the steps above helped, please Contact Us for additional assistance.
IMPORTANT Important: After trying the above recommendations and the drive does not spin up, or it continues to click then the drive has most likely failed and will need to be replaced. For information on warranty replacement please see Answer ID 8: How to Get an RMA to Replace a Defective Product, Obtain a Power Supply, or USB Cable for a WD Product.

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