Error Message: "Cannot access Shares Drives" occurs when accessing a My Cloud - 0x80070035

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When accessing a My Cloud storage device on Windows 10, the connection fails with one of the following error messages:

  • Error: Cannot access NAS Drives, \Share\Folder is not accessible
  • Error Code: 0x80070035 The network path was not found

NOTE: \Share\Folder refers to any share and folder, such as \Public\Shared Pictures etc...


Windows 10 must be fully updated in order to fully support Samba (SMB) protocol connections.


  1. Run Windows Updates on the computer.

  2. Change the SMB protocol to SMB1 or SMB3 on the My Cloud

  3. Follow the initructions below to modify the Max SMB protocol on the supported list of My Cloud devices.

    • Access the Dashboard of the My Cloud device.
      For assistance accessing the Dashboard, please see Answer ID 10420: How to access the Dashboard on a My Cloud.
    • Click Settings
    • Click Network on the left-side panel
    • Scroll down to Windows Services
    • Change the Windows Servers setting of Max SMB Protocol from the default of SMB2 to SMB1 or SMB3 and reboot the My Cloud and Windows computer

  4. Enable NetBIos over TCP/IP on the Windows Computer if the DHCP Server or Router does not support NetBios settings
    To enable Netbios over TCP/IP, please refer to Answer ID 18018 How to Enable NetBios Over TCP in Windows

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