How to access a My Cloud device through

This process requires a account to have been previously created.

My Cloud storage devices allow users to access data remotely through using a account.

For more information about creating a account, refer to Answer ID 14988: How to obtain a Cloud Access account on a My Cloud device.

For more information on how to log in to and access a My Cloud device remotely, please see the steps below:

  1. Open a web browser and go to


  2. On the website, click Sign in


  3. Enter the account's email and password and click Sign in


    If the user cannot remember the password for the account being used, please click Forgot Password to receive an email with instructions to reset the password.

  4. Any registered My Cloud devices are now available. But only one My Cloud drive can be accessed at a time. To access a different My Cloud drive click on the gear icon to select another registered device.


  5. Navigate through the Shares on the My Cloud device to the file that needs to be accessed. Clicking on the file will start a download of a local copy of the file through the web browser.


For assistance with remote access issues, please refer to Answer ID 15181 Device Offline and Cannot Connect to My Cloud

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