SmartWare and TimeMachineBackup Shares are not accessible from the My Cloud mobile app

IMPORTANT Important:

Please ensure that your My Cloud product firmware is up to date.

For assistance with updating My Cloud firmware, please refer to Answer ID 10440: How to Auto Update Firmware on a My Cloud


The TimeMachineBackup and SmartWare shares of a My Cloud device are not accessbile through the My Cloud mobile app.


We have taken steps to secure the backup data with changes that removed access to the SmartWare and TimeMachineBackup shares via the My Cloud mobile app and's web files, in order to preserve the integrity of the backed up data. Content in the "Backup Shares" are not indexed and there are no thumbnails generated for remote access viewing.
IMPORTANT Important: Always remember that backup means having data stored in at least two (2) locations at the same time. A backed up file should not be altered, or deleted. Modifying a file within a backup will result in a new version of that file, and will corrupt the validity of the originating computer's backup.


The TimeMachineBackup and SmartWare shares can be accessed locally using File Explorer in Windows and Finder on Mac OSX.

Best practice is storing working files outside the TimeMachineBackup or SmartWare shares

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