Difference between WD OEM vs. Retail (RTL) drives

Western Digital offers two versions of our Serial ATA 3.5" and 2.5" hard drives. These can be identified by how the hard drive was packaged during purchase and by the associated model number of the drive. The Online Store sells Retail packaged hard drives.

There are no physical or developmental differences between these hard drives

  1. Retail hard drives are sold in a retail package and may include various accessories.

  2. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) hard drives are sold to OEM Computer manufacturers or Distributors in bulk packaging (bare drive only).

    • OEM drives are sold without accessories or installation software.
    • OEM drives may not contain a warranty from Western Digital. When Western Digital sells hard drives to OEM computer manufacturers such as Dell, Compaq, Apple, etc, we sell these drives without warranty. The OEM computer manufacturer would include the hard drive under the warranty of the computer system that the hard drive was installed into. For more information about hard drive warranties, please see our Warranty Policy.
    • OEM drives do not have support available through Western Digital Customer Service and Support. If this hard drive came in an OEM system, check back with the OEM manufacturer for any support or possible updates. If you purchased this hard drive from a third party vendor, check back with the place of purchase.

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