How to access Disk Utility on macOS

Disk Utility is the name of a utility, created by Apple, for performing disk-related tasks on macOS. These tasks include:

  • The creation, conversion, compression and encryption of disk images from a wide range of formats read by Disk Utility to .dmg or .cdr, which is identical to the .iso format
  • Mounting, unmounting, and ejecting disks (including both hard disks, removable media and disk images)
  • Enabling or disabling journaling
  • Verifying a disk's integrity, and repairing it if the disk is damaged
  • Verifying and repairing permissions
  • Disk erasing, formatting and partitioning
  • Secure deletion of free space or disk using a 35-pass Gutmann algorithm
  • Adding or changing partition table between Apple Partition Table and GUID Partition Table
  • Creating, destroying, and repairing RAID sets
  • Restoring volumes from scanned for ASR images
  • Burning disk images to CD or DVD in HFS+ format
  • Erasing CD-RWs and DVD-RWs
  • Checking the S.M.A.R.T status of a hard disk

Please follow the directions below to access Disk Utility on macOS

  1. Click on the Spotlight icon from the menu bar as shown below


  2. Type Disk Utility in the search field as shown below


  3. Double-click on Disk Utility - Utilities as shown below


Spotlight is a convenient tool for quickly locating and accessing data and programs on a macOS PC. Please know there are other methods of accessing programs on a macOS PC. Follow the steps outlined below for locating and opening Disk Utility from Finder.

  1. Click on the Finder Icon from the dock
  2. Image

  3. Locate and click to open Applications within the left pane of the Finder window. This is usually above the users home folder Icon
  4. Image

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Applications window to locate and click to and open Utilities
  6. Image

  7. Locate and click to open Disk Utility
  8. Image

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