Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the WD PiDrive 314GB

The list below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the use of the WD PiDrive 314GB.

1. Why 314GB?

The WD PiDrive 314GB capacity is in honor of Pi Day. It also allows us to offer an affordable yet reliable storage solution just for the Raspberry Pi community.

2. What’s in the WD PiDrive 314GB?

This product is a 314GB, 2.5", 7mm thick USB 3.0/2.0 native hard drive. USB cable, enclosure and Raspberry Pi sold separately.

3. Why is WD developing products for the Raspberry Pi?

As the range of Raspberry Pi uses continues to expand, data storage needs increase. Current solutions have limitations; SD cards, thumb drives, and USB disk drives were originally designed for other applications. WDLabs is taking WD’s HDD product technology and aligning it with new applications, and a key area of focus is affordable Single Board Computers (SBCs).

4. What’s special about the WD PiDrive 314GB and how is it engineered for the Raspberry Pi?

The WD PiDrive 314GB is based on a proven, high-volume Western Digital platform with design changes made specifically for Raspberry Pi. Customizations made to the drive’s magnetic recording and electrical system operating set-points align with Raspberry Pi’s USB data and power design. This reduces the electrical power load of the hard drive on Raspberry Pi, while still maintaining sufficient performance to deliver a maximum USB data transfer rate. The flexibility of the platform design and manufacturing tuning process enabled WDLabs to create this specialized product for Raspberry Pi efficiently without compromising quality and reliability.

5. Can I connect more than one WD PiDrive 314GB to my Raspberry Pi?

While designed to draw less power, we recommend using a powered USB Hub when connecting multiple USB devices or peripherals to a Raspberry Pi to prevent insufficient power problems.

6. Can I use the WD PiDrive 314GB with my microSD™ card and OS?

Absolutely! The WD PiDrive 314GB is a USB hard drive and can be used for external storage on the OS of your choice, but it must first be partitioned, formatted, and mounted. Instructions can be found on WDLabs Community.

7. Why would someone want to put an OS on the WD PiDrive 314GB instead of booting from the microSD™ card?

The simple answer is greater capacity. Clearly, the WD PiDrive 314GB provides much greater capacity than any currently available microSD™ card.

8. Can I store more than one operating system on the WD PiDrive 314GB?

Yes, utilizing BerryBoot on a SD Card, multiple operating systems or versions in separate partitions can be supported. There is a custom WDLabs version of BerryBoot made just for this purpose. For more information on BerryBoot please visit the WDLabs website at WDLabs Support.

9. WD PiDrive 314GB isn't booting up or it keeps resetting. What should be done?

Make sure to connect the WD PiDrive 314GB, any cables, USB peripherals and Raspberry Pi together before connecting to power source. If the hard drive or other peripherals are plugged in after powering up the Raspberry Pi, or if the Raspberry Pi is connected after powering the WD PiDrive 314GB up, it may not work.

Please use a 5 volt 2 amp minimum AC adapter, short high-quality USB cables, and a powered USB hub if the bus is heavily loaded.

10. Are there any special precautions I should take when using the WD PiDrive 314GB?

The WD PiDrive 314GB is a USB hard disk drive (HDD). WD hard drives are precision instruments and should be handled with care during unpacking and installation. Hard drives can be damaged by rough handling, shock and vibration, or electrostatic discharge (ESD).

11. What other Raspberry Pi products have you developed?

We’re currently selling a 1TB WD PiDrive kit for more demanding Raspberry Pi projects as well as a number of enclosures that enable a Raspberry Pi user to connect an external drive quickly and easily. There’s a full range of accessories available through the WDLabs website.

Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

In case the answer did not answer your question, you can always visit the WD Community for help from WD users.

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