Accessing the Dashboard on a My Passport Wireless, Wireless Pro and SSD device

Follow the instructions below to access the Dashboard on a My Passport Wireless or My Passport Wireless Pro device.
  1. Turn on the My Passport Wireless device.
    When the Wi-Fi LED is solid blue, the device is ready for use.

  2. Open the wireless preferences on a computer and connect to MyPassport wireless signal
    If using a My Passport Wireless Pro, connect to MyPassport (5 GHz) for better performance or MyPassport (2.4 GHz) if it is the only one seen.
  3. Note:
    If the name of the My Passport Wireless device has been changed, please search and select the device's name instead of MyPassport.

  4. Open a web browser and enter the following address into the URL field of the web browser:
  5. Under normal conditions the Dashboard of the My Passport Wireless will be displayed.


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