How to upgrade Plex Media Server on a My Passport Wireless Pro and SSD device


Users with Plex Media Server installed on My Passport Wireless Pro may see the following Plex update indicators when the device is connected to the internet.
  • Available Update button in the Dashboard


  • Update available message in the Plex Media Server Interface



A newer version of Plex Media Server is available for download from


  1. Log in to the My Passport Wireless Pro Dashboard

  2. Click on the Media tab

  3. Click the Available Update button


  4. Note:
    The My Passport Wireless Pro must be connected to the internet to receive the Plex Media Server update notification. If the Available Update button is not available on the Media tab, update the firmware of the My Passport Wireless Pro.

  5. Review the version and click OK to update Plex


  6. Plex Media Server will begin to download and update. This process will take a few minutes



  7. When the update is completed, the latest version of Plex Media Server will be displayed


  8. Click Configure to access the Plex Media Server interface


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