How to Use Google public DNS servers on a My Cloud


Network connectivity issues will make it necessary to manually set the DNS server addresses to a public DNS server.


The DNS server addresses used by Internet Service Providers will not allow the My Cloud device to communicate with the Internet and the DNS sever addresses provided by the ISP need to be replaced.


You can setup the DNS server addresses under DHCP or Static IP networks.

For this article, a My Cloud EX4 will be used as an example. Some areas may look different than the model of My Cloud being worked with.

  1. Access the My Cloud Dashboard/UI

  2. Click on the Settings button

  3. Click the Network button


  4. Click on either DHCP or Static depending on the network environment. For this example DHCP will be used


  5. Clicking on DHCP will open a setup wizard to assist with configuring the network settings

  6. Click Next


  7. The next step in the setup wizard will provide the choice of Obtain DNS server address automatically or Use the following DNS server address. Select the Use the following DNS server address. Either type the DNS Server1 and DNS Server2 addresses manually (Google DNS addreses are and or click on the Use Google Public DNS option

  8. Note:
    There is a disclaimer regarding use of Google DNS and that you are subject to Google's privacy and policy terms.

  9. Click Next


  10. Complete the setup wizard and apply the settings. The My Cloud device will update the network settings and there will be a message to login again after the changes take affect. Click OK to login


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