How to perform a Manual RAID Rebuild on a Western Digital My Cloud Network Attached Storage Device

A multi-bay Western Digital My Cloud Network Attached Storage Device is preconfigured in either RAID 1 or RAID 5 mode to provide redundancies against data loss. If one of drives in a RAID array fails, and the RAID volume is not configured for Auto-Rebuild, then a Manual RAID rebuild must be performed in order to introduce a replacement drive and bring the RAID volume back to a "healthy" state.  

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If the RAID status displays Damaged, please refer to Answer ID 25745 RAID Volume Damaged on a My Cloud

The above image indicates warnings in both "Notifications" (The Bell, which is red to indicate a critical issue) as well as a "Caution" sign under Diagnostics on the My Cloud Dashboard Home Tab. 

Clicking on the arrow in "Diagnostics" shows that the "RAID Status" is currently "Degraded". 

Selecting the "Storage" tab from provides addition information about the status of the RAID volume. Note that in this instance Auto-Rebuild is turned "Off". 

Selecting "Disk Status" also provides information about the status of the drives that comprise this RAID Volume. In this instance only one drive is being detected as drive2 has failed.


A blank replacement drive has been installed in the My Cloud, and the device is now detecting it. 

The blank replacement drive has been identified and tested by the My Cloud and is suitable to rebuild the RAID volume.

Returning to the RAID subsection of the Storage tab, the "Manual Rebuild" button is now available.


Selecting the "Manual Rebuild" button prompts the user to continue the process of repairing the RAID array. Notification is also provided that any information on the newly introduced drive will be wiped out in the process of rebuilding the volume.


The My Cloud will then pause to update system settings. 

Initiating the Manual Rebuild will trigger a Drive Self Test (DST) to ensure a safe environment for information to be stored.

Once the Test is completed selecting "Finish" will begin the RAID rebuild. 

The Dashboard will now indicate that the RAID rebuild has begun, and provides an estimate for completion. 

Once the rebuild is successfully completed, the RAID volume is once again "healthy" as indicated by the "Good" status. The My Cloud NAS is now fully functional.  

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