Rebuilding Twonky DLNA Media Server Database

IMPORTANT Important:

Rebuilding the Twonky DLNA Database is a time consuming process that could take a few hours to complete. During this time, media connect will not be completely available for use. Attempting to utilize the My Cloud can result in a performance, dashboard and share access loss due to the extra memory and cpu being used to rebuild the index. Please allow the database to rebuild to 100% before attempting to access, view or play the media content.

Before rebuilding the database, please refer to the troubleshoting steps in Answer ID 20141 My Cloud or Content Not Recognized by Smart TV, DVR or Media Player

Rebuild the Database

Follow the steps below to rebuild the DLNA Media Server database.

  1. Log into the My Cloud dashboard

  2. Click the Settings tab

  3. Click Media

  4. Turn OFF and ON "Media Streaming" under DLNA Server

  5. Click Rebuild

  6. Media content can be streamed once the index rebuild process has completed

Corrupted Database or Content

Rebuilding the DLNA Server Database can be useful when there's a content visibility or media playback issue.

  • If the Database rebuild does not resolve the issue, there may be a corrupted file triggering the database issue in the DLNA Media Server.
  • Corrupted files and media content can cause a corruption in the Database.
  • Corrupted content issues cannot be resolved by rebuilding the database.
  • The corrupted content must be recognized and removed from the My Cloud or the My Cloud set back to factory defaults.

Follow the steps below to set the My Cloud back to factory defaults and recover from a corrupted DLNA Server Database

  1. Move all files and content from the My Cloud to another location
  2. Perform a Quick or Full Factory Restore of the My Cloud
    For instructions, please refer to Answer ID 20433: My Cloud Home Activation Code Not Matching Up
  3. Add a small amount content to the My Cloud
  4. Verify Twonky DLNA Server issues have been resolve
IMPORTANT Important: Adding corrupted or problematic content will result in Twonky DLNA Server issues.

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