My Cloud Home Social Media and Cloud Import

Cloud Sync and Social Media Import

Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive - One Way Sync

  • Content added using sync clients will sync down to the My Cloud Home (One Way Sync)
  • Content deleted using sync clients will delete content on the My Cloud Home
  • Content added, deleted or modified on the My Cloud Home using, Mobile App of WD Discovery Desktop App (Windows or macOS) will not sync changes up to the sync services

Facebook (Import)

  • Facebook import is a one time Backup for supported content to the My Cloud Home


Initial Setup Click Here For Instructions
Dropbox Click Here For Instructions
Google Drive Click Here For Instructions
OneDrive Click Here For Instructions
Box Click Here For Instructions
Facebook Click Here For Instructions
Multi Account Login or Change Account Login Click Here For Instructions

Troubleshooting and Solutions

Facebook Imported Media Not Sorted by Month and Year Services Click Here For Instructions
Google Photo App Doesn't Import All Video Content After The Initial Sync Click Here For Instructions
Google Photo App Import Doesn't Preserve Album Names Click Here For Instructions

Access Token (Login) Expiry Times

An Import failed message can occur when importing large amounts of data and the access token (Login Session) expires.

  • The access token expiry times are set and controlled by the Cloud and Social Media application provider.
  • These settings cannot be controlled or changed by the end user or WD Technical Support.

Solution for Access Token Expiry Time

  • Start a new Import if the process failed due to the access token expiring.
  • The new import will only download files that were not previously imported.

App Name Access Token Expire Time Access Token Refresh Amounts Import Time Limit
DropBox N/A N/A N/A
Google Drive 1 hour 50 Times 50 hours
One Drive 1 hour 3 days 72 hours
Facebook 60 days N/A 60 days
Instagram sometime in the future undefined Undefined
Box 1 Hour N/A 60 days


IMPORTANT Important:

It should take 1 hour to sync down 1 GB of content.

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