My Cloud Home Front LED Blinking Behavior

The front LED on My Cloud Home devices is a single color, white. It is either on, off, or blinks with a certain rhythm to indicate a specific "System Condition" defined in the table listed below. My Cloud Home may experience all phases of LED Status on boot up. For more information, please refer to Answer ID 18549 My Cloud Home Dim and Slow Blinking LED at Boot Up

IMPORTANT Important:

New Device Setup - Slow Breathing LED

If the LED is "Slow Breathing", the My Cloud device is "Not Found", "Not Detected" on setup or seen as "Offline" before any data has been added to the unit, please perform a 60+ second pin reset to set the unit back to factory defaults. Once the reset has been completed and the LED is "Solid White" and no longer "Slow Breathing", setup again at using the existing email address and password.

To Pin Reset (System Erase) a My Cloud Home using the reset pin on the rear of the unit, please refer to Answer ID 19061 How to System Erase a My Cloud Home to Factory Settings

LED BehaviorSystem ConditionExample
No Light Illuminated
  • Power is off (DC plug is disconnected)
Solid Light
Slow Breathing Image
Fast Breathing
  • Device Requires Attention - Device Encountered an Error
  • USB Device Connection Error
  • Ethernet Connection Not Available
  • Replacement drive inserted and volume rebuild occuring - My Cloud Home Duo Only

  • For more information regarding Fast Blinking (Breathing) LED, please refer to Answer ID 25372: My Cloud Home Fast Blinking LED

  • File System Notification - Check if RAID rebuild is needed
  • (The RAID rebuild is automatic and the LED status should stay in a heartbeat until the RAID rebuild is complete

Strobe Light

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