How to System Erase a My Cloud Home to Factory Settings

The My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo can be restored to factory settings in the My Cloud Home Web and Mobile app using the System Erase function.

STOP Critical:

Performing a "System Erase" on a My Cloud Home or Duo is "Data Destructive".  This process cannot be undone and requires the My Cloud Home to be connected to the internet and be able to communicate to the My Cloud Home servers. Failure to have the unit connected to the internet and in communication with My Cloud Home servers will result in a failed System Erase process.
This System Erase function will:

  • Delete the Device Owner
  • Delete all Invited users
  • Delete all content on the device
  • Delete all configured Services added by all users of the device
  • Resets the unit back to factory default
  • Informs the My Cloud Home servers that a System Erase has been performed
  • Sends an confirmation email to the device owner of the System Erase action
  • The process can take up to 30 minutes depending on device configuration and content
  • The process DOES NOT delete the Account

IMPORTANT Important:

A My Cloud Home that has been "System Erased" must be setup again using using your account. Data Recovery may be possible using a WD Data Recovery Partner

System Erase Options
Web App Click here for Instructions
Mobile App Click here for Instructions
Reset Button Click here for Instructions

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