WD Backup Online User Guide and Solutions

WD Backup online user guide for Microsoft Windows.



Subject Answer ID Title
Configuration 12962 How to install WD Backup
Configuration 12963 Backing up files using WD Backup
Configuration 12964 How to restore files using WD Backup
Configuration 12937 How to restore a WD Backup on a different computer


Subject Answer ID Title
Information 11900 Files excluded from WD Backup
Information 15143 How to view or access data backed up with WD SmartWare or WD Backup
Information 15132 List of supported drives by WD Backup


Subject Answer ID Title
Solution 18371 No Target Found or Drive Offline in WD Backup
Solution 15137 WD Backup does not see my drive
Solution 18370 No Source Drives in WD Backup
Solution 18369 WD Backup "These Files Failed to Back Up"
Solution 18109 WD Backup Does not Recognize Previous Backup Jobs
Solution 17562 Common Causes of Files Not Being Backed Up
Solution 17969 WD Backup Fails To Backup the UPPS.bin file
Solution 20503 Unable to back up to a WD drive because there is not enough space
Solution 23351 WD Backup Error Message Expecting element "root" from namespace" when creating a backup


Please use Time Machine Backup for macOS. Please see Answer ID 19531 macOS Time Machine Online User Guide and Solutions

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