WD Sync Online User Guide and Solutions

Online User guide and solutions for WD Sync.


Subject Answer ID Title
Configuration 16780 Differences between Backup and Synchronization
Configuration 11394 Installing WD Sync on Windows
Configuration 13127 Installing WD Sync on macOS
Configuration 11395 How To Configure WD Sync with a My Cloud
Configuration 11396 Adding and Removing A My Cloud in WD Sync
Configuration 13849 How to Enable SSL for Local Data Transfer in WD Sync for Windows
Configuration 13850 How to Enable SSL for Local Data Transfer in WD Sync for macOS
Configuration 13178 Configuring WD Sync for use over the Internet
Configuration 13123 How to Recover a Previous Version of a File Synchronized with WD Sync
Configuration 13124 How To Access and Recover a Deleted File or Folder with WD Sync
Configuration 21146 How To Delete WD Sync Changed and Deleted Content from a My Cloud
Configuration 17179 Uninstalling WD Sync from a Windows PC
Configuration 17178 Uninstalling WD Sync from macOS
Configuration 25336 How to Uninstall and Configure WD Sync Like a New Installation


Subject Answer ID Title
Information 11730 Certain types of files or folders are not synchronized by WD Sync
Information 18541 Collecting WD Sync Logs
Information 18545 WD Software will not install on Microsoft Windows 10 S


Subject Answer ID Title
Solution 20483 WD Sync Fails After Update to macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)
Solution 25176 WD Sync MyCloud.com Sign In Greyed Out
Solution 18197 WD Software Update Check Does Not Report New Version Available
Solution 11110 WD Sync cannot discover a My Cloud storage device while Avast or Norton Anti-Virus is installed
Solution 11120 After renaming a file that is being synced using WD Sync, the file history on that file is not visible
Solution 11417 Synchronized folders are deleted when a WD Sync folder is deleted from a My Cloud device
Solution 11418 Renaming a folder while it is being synchronized by WD Sync results in both folders being created
Solution 11419 Files fail to synchronize to WD Sync selected folders after the files are restored after deletion
Solution 11847 Deleting the source folder while using WD Sync can result data loss in the paired folders
Solution 11876 Multiple users modifying and saving the same file simultaneously on a WD Sync client folder results in loss of one of the changes
Solution 13235 WD Sync fails to synchronize a Windows 'Libraries' folder
Solution 15099 WD Sync "Remote Server Returned an Error: (401) Unauthorized"
Solution 27762 WD Sync "Remote Server Returned an Error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required"
Solution 25787 WD Sync Cannot Verify Firmware Message
Solution 15110 WD Sync file name change or duplicate files
Solution 15112 WD Sync stops processing when using invalid characters in folder names
Solution 16521 WD Sync fails to synchronize files with foreign language character file names
Solution 16805 WD Sync "the process cannot be completed - Error code 43"
Solution 17529 WD Sync "The underlying connection was closed. An unexpected error occurred on a send"
Solution 25332 WD Sync "The remote hostname could not be resolved"
Solution 17565 WD Sync displays "WDMyCloud is missing"
Solution 17824 WD Sync - "No storage devices found"
Solution 17868 C:\ Drive is Full When Using WD Sync
Solution 17964 WD Sync Hangs When Logging Into MyCloud.com
Solution 18132 WD Access or WD Sync Icons missing from the WIndows System Tray
Solution 18244 Pending and Unable To Sync File in WD Sync
Solution 11871 Data does not sync from the NAS to the client when Cloud Access is off using WD Sync

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