My Cloud Home Online User Guide and Solutions


Introducing the New My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo:

  • New and improved set up process, including the ability to set up from a smartphone so you can eliminate the need to set up with a computer.
  • An all-new, re-designed mobile app experience with a clean and simple interface to easily discover files, share content with just a few clicks, get notification for upload and backup status, and more…and quickly invite users to share your device.
  • New desktop application makes it easy to interact with your My Cloud Home using a mounted directory.
  • USB port (1x for single drive; 2x for dual drive) on the back of the drive, you can import data from external devices making it easy to centralize content scattered across multiple devices into one place.
  • Automatic firmware updates so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your drive is up to date, we’ll take care of that for you.”



My Cloud Home Online User Guides

App Icon Answer ID Title
18592 My Cloud Home Web App Online User Guide
My Cloud Home Desktop App Online User Guide
WD Discovery User Guide for My Cloud Home
18895 My Cloud Home Mobile App Online User Guide
Community WD Community: My Cloud Home - Personal Cloud Storage


Solutions and Troubleshooting

Press CTRL + F (On macOS: Command + F) and search for a topic.

Setup, Device and Data Access

Subject Answer ID Title
PreSales 18942 Differences between My Cloud Home Web, Mobile and Desktop App
PreSales 18909 Differences Between My Cloud and My Cloud Home
PreSales 19625 My Cloud Home Requirements and Compatibility
Setup 20543 How to Setup and Configure a My Cloud Home
Setup 19864 How To Setup and Login Using (
Setup 20544 Blinking White LED During My Cloud Home Setup
Setup 18892 Setup - My Cloud Home Cannot Be Found or Not Detected on the Network
Setup 20433 My Cloud Home Activation Code Not Matching Up
Setup 20527 Cannot Access My Cloud Home Dashboard
Setup 20555 My Cloud Home Static IP Address Configuration
Setup 18551 My Cloud Home Setup Failure Using Web App
Setup 20411 Wrong or Invalid Email Address on or My Cloud Mobile App
Setup 20103 How To Backup a Windows or macOS Computer To A My Cloud Home
Setup 20418 Multiple My Cloud Home Disk In Time Machine Backup Configuration Screen
Setup 20358 macOS Time Machine Backups With The Registered User
Setup 20549 My Cloud Home Not Detected or Recognized by WD Backup, Sync, Access, Smartware or Quickview
Setup 20570 Device Owner Permission Required During My Cloud Home Setup
Setup 20257 Differences Between My Cloud Home User Types
Services 18946 My Cloud Home Social Media and Cloud Import
Services 19534 How To Enable and Configure IFTTT Service on My Cloud Home
Device Access 19059 My Cloud Home Not Detected, Not Found, Cannot Connect or Device Offline
Device Access 20412 My Cloud Home Not Detected by Windows or macOS Computer
Device Access 18913 Desktop App Mounted Drive is Not Accessible in Windows Network or macOS Finder
Device Access 18262 My Cloud Home or My Cloud Home Duo Will Not Power On
Data Access 18905 TimeMachineBackup and Public Share are not accessible from the My Cloud Home Mobile, Web or Desktop App
Data Access 20546 Cannot See Content Added to the My Cloud Home Public Share in the Web, Mobile or Desktop App
Data Access 20547 Content In The My Cloud Home Mobile and Web App Cannot be Accessed by Windows or macOS Computer
Data Access 19563 Quicken Cannot Open Large Database Files using the My Cloud Home Desktop App
Data Access 20335 My Cloud Home Desktop App Mount Fails In macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)
Data Access 20564 My Cloud Home Disk Space Not Available or Free After Deleting Content
Data Access 20565 How To Access Content Added to a My Cloud Home
Data Access 20569 How to Link Alexa To a Different My Cloud Home Account

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Hardware and USB Backup

Subject Answer ID Title
Hardware 19031 My Cloud Home Power LED Blinking Behavior
Hardware 18966 My Cloud Home Firmware Update
Hardware 18549 My Cloud Home Dim and Slow Blinking LED at Boot Up
Hardware 19490 My Cloud Home Does Not Enter Sleep or Standby Mode
Hardware 19553 My Cloud Home Duo Cannot Connect or Device Offline After Inserting a Replacement Hard Drive
USB 19288 USB Drive Not Recognized by a My Cloud Home or Duo
USB 20230 My Cloud Home Duo Does Not Recognize The Second USB Drive
USB 19292 My Cloud Home Unsupported USB Drive Message
USB 19612 My Cloud Home USB Backup Failure Message
USB 19596 USB Backup Does Not Detect or Save All Mobile Phone or USB Camera Content
USB 19401 My Cloud Home USB Backup Data Transfer Speed
USB 20571 Cannot Access Contents of USB Drive Connected To A My Cloud Home
USB 18256 My Cloud Home USB Backup and Compatibility
USB 18943 External USB drive file systems supported on My Cloud Home Products
USB 20486 How to Import USB Content on a My Cloud Home

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Mobile, Web and Desktop App

Subject Answer ID Title
Web App 19864 How To Login Using
Web App 20400 Error Uploading Large Files with My Cloud Home Web App
Mobile App 18978 My Cloud Home Mobile App Connection Status
Mobile App 18998 My Cloud Home Mobile App Notification Badge
Mobile App 18969 My Cloud Home Mobile App Auto Camera Backup Q & A
Mobile App 20083 My Cloud Home Auto Camera Backup Not Saving All Content
Mobile App 19862 My Cloud Home iOS 11 Camera Support
Mobile App 19558 How to Organize My Cloud Home Auto Camera Backup Content
Mobile App 19593 My Cloud Home Mobile App Opening Content and Media
Mobile App 19488 My Cloud Home Mobile and Web App Search Results
Mobile App 19614 My Cloud Home Mobile App Passcode, Touch ID and FingerPrint Lock
Mobile App 20551 My Cloud Home Mobile App Login Failure - Incorrect Email or Password
Desktop App 19506 WD Discovery Solutions and Troubleshooting
Desktop App 20187 My Cloud Home WD Discovery Eldos Corp Installation Message
Desktop App 18608 Login Option Is Greyed Out in WD Discovery
Desktop App 20539 Computer Does Not Support Sign in to My Cloud Home
Desktop App 19506 Unable to login to WD Discovery - Service Unavailable
Desktop App 20537 My Cloud Home Desktop App Fails to Update
Desktop App 19476 My Cloud Home Desktop App Data Transfer Speeds
Desktop App 19597 My Cloud Home Desktop Sync

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Subject Answer ID Title
Network 18971 My Cloud Home Port Forward and Relay Mode Status
Network 19504 How to Configure DHCP Reservation for a My Cloud Home
Network 19522 How to put a My Cloud Home in Port Forward Mode
Network 18907 My Cloud Home Network Router Compatibility
Network 19636 How To Configure a Router or Gateway to use Google Public DNS Servers
Network 18626 Common Causes and Solutions for Slow Network Data Transfer Speeds

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Content Viewing, Media Playback and Plex

Subject Answer ID Title
Information 2745 How to Find Detailed Information About Media Files
Plex 18937 How to Enable and Configure Plex Service on My Cloud Home
Plex 20334 Media Content Not Seen in the Plex App Client Interface
Plex 20280 My Cloud Home Support for Plex Clients on Gaming Consoles and Media Streamers
Plex 19484 How to Configure Remote Access for Plex on a My Cloud Home
Plex 18577 Plex RAW Photo Images and Message "Unable to Load Photo"
Plex 18571 Plex Performance and Disk Space
Plex 18569 Plex Error Message "There was a problem playing this item"
Plex 18385 Plex Error: 'Conversion failed. A required codec cannot be found or failed to install'
Media 19513 My Cloud Home Video Display Resolution Selector
Media 20084 My Cloud Mobile and Web App Incorrect Date
Media 20156 Photo and Media Content Are Not Correctly Sorted On a My Cloud
Media 18096 Common Causes of Slow Media Streaming and Content Buffering
Media 18574 My Cloud Home Web App Download and Unable to Show File Preview Message
Media 18936 Thumbnail Preview not Generated for 4k Content on My Cloud Home
Media 20540 Thumbnail Not Generated for iOS 11 Camera Images Imported from 3rd Party Cloud Services
Media 20188 My Cloud Home App Slow to Render Thumbnails in the Month Viewing Mode
Media 18914 My Cloud Home not recognized by Smart TV or Media Player
Media 18609 My Cloud Home Images Appear Blurry and do not Scale to Full Size View
Media 20157 Deleted Content Still Seen in My Cloud Home Mobile and Web App
Media 18593 Thumbnails Not Displayed for Renamed Images on a My Cloud Home
Media 18573 My Cloud Home Thumbnail Preview Supported File Types
Media 18572 Thumbnails are not seen in the My Cloud Home Mobile or Web App
Media 18546 My Cloud Home iPhoto Export "Unable to Copy File"
Media 18367 My Cloud Home Copy File Failure "too large for the volume's format"
Media 18276 My Cloud Home Web and Mobile App Image, Audio and Video Playback Solutions
Media 18257 Videos Do Not Play in Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge on My Cloud Home
Media 17528 My Cloud Home Video Transcoding Support
Media 19512 My Cloud Home Best Practices for Media Streaming
Media 19514 Upside Down Photos in the My Cloud Home Mobile and Web App
Media 19518 Upside Down and Sideways Videos in the My Cloud Home Mobile and Web App
Services 20155 Facebook Imported Media Not Sorted by Month and Year
Services 20399 My Cloud Home Google Photo App Not Verified
Services 19616 Google Photo App Import Doesn't Preserve Album Names
Services 19617 Google Photo App Doesn't Import All Video Content After The Initial Sync
Services 19637 Google Photo Date Change Not Reflected on My Cloud Home Content
Services 20392 How to Use Amazon Alexa with a My Cloud Home
Services 20532 Alexa Unable to Locate or Play Audio Content
Services 20529 How to Link Alexa To a Different My Cloud Home Account

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Management and Configuration

Subject Answer ID Title
Management 20391 How to Change My Cloud Home Device Owner or Setup With A Different Email Address
Management 20189 How To Remove a User From a My Cloud Home
Management 19069 Managing Storage on a My Cloud Home Duo
Management 19061 How to System Erase a My Cloud Home to Factory Settings
Management 18606 How To Replace a My Cloud Home Duo Drive

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Subject Answer ID Title
Notification 19587 My Cloud Home Thermal Shut Down Message
Notification 19559 My Cloud Home Recovery Message
Notification 19560 My Cloud Home Mobile App and Email Notification Table
Logs 19175 How to Collect My Cloud Home System Logs
Logs 20306 How to Collect WD Discovery My Cloud Home Desktop App Logs
Logs 18912 How to Collect My Cloud Home Mobile App Logs on iOS and Android

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