My Cloud Home and Duo Unsupported Product Features


Please refer to the table below for a list of features that are Not Supported on a My Cloud Home or Duo which are typically supported on competitor Network Attached Storage products.


My Cloud Home Duo and My Cloud Home
Dashboard Management Console
Multi Device Support
LAN Only Storage - No Internet Connection
Administrator User
Device Only Account
User Groups
Share Permissions
Cloud or Remote Access Disable
Mobile App (Windows)
Mobile Phone (Windows)
Mobile Tablet (Android)
Mobile Tablet (Windows)
NAS to USB Backups
Remote NAS to NAS Backups
Internal NAS Backups
USB Camera Backups
Mobile Device Backups (Phone and Tablet)
Password Protected Network Shares
Remote Access to Public Share
Remote Access to Backup Share
Amazon S3 Backup
Elephant Drive Backup
Twonky DLNA Media Server
iTunes Server
Disk Spanning
JBOD Multi Volume
Drive Sleep Mode
Power Schedule Options
Disable LED
Recycle Bin
Static IP Address Configuration
FTP Server
SSH Access
WebDav Server
NFS Server
Dynamic DNS
Network UPS Support
Manual Port Forward Configuration
Windows (SMB) Services Control
Apple (AFP) Services Control
Firmware Update Management
Manual Firmware Update
WD Smartware Pro
WD Access
WD Sync
WD Quickview


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