How to Backup a Windows or macOS Computer to a My Cloud Home

My Cloud Home supports Windows, macOS and 3rd party backup software using the local public network shares.
Use the table listed below to ensure the appropriate backup is contained in the recommended network share.
Time Machine and Windows Backup to the remote access desktop mounted user share is not supported.

IMPORTANT Important:

If the Windows computer Network Browse does not display network drives, type the path to your My Cloud Home in the "Network Bar" to view and access the Public Share for selection.



* Where XXXXXX is the last 6 digits of the My Cloud Home seriel number
For more information, please refer to Answer ID 26365: Windows 10 File Backup Does Not See My Cloud, My Cloud Home or Network Drive

OS Protocol My Cloud Home Share NETBIOS Network Path IP ADDRESS Network Path
Windows SMB Public \\MYCLOUD-XXXXXX\Public \\\Public
macOS AFP TimeMachineBackup afp://MYCLOUD-XXXXXX/TimeMachineBackup afp://

Backup Type
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