My Cloud Home Not Detected or Not Found by Windows or macOS Computer

IMPORTANT Important: There are many reasons an Operating System (OS) does not recognize a WD drive. The instructions below are designed to assist in troubleshooting issues related to drives and devices not being recognized by a computer. Please try one solution at a time and test for resolution before continuing with the next item.

My Cloud Home Storage Locations

The My Cloud Home has two storage locations.

  • Private User Space (Remote Accessible Network Mounted Drive)
  • Local Area Network Share (LAN) Public Share
  1. Content located in the "Private User Space (Remote Accessible Network Mounted Drive)" must be accessed using WD Discovery for My Cloud Home on Windows or macOS.
  2. Content located in the "Local Area Network Share (LAN) Public Share" can only be accessed by users on the same Local Area Network, Time Machine and Windows Backup

Please download and install WD Discovery for My Cloud Home to access the "Private User Space" from a Windows or macOS Computer. For assistance, please refer to Answer ID 19588 WD Discovery User Guide for My Cloud Home

Windows OS


Not Detected by Windows

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Not Detected by macOS

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