How to Use Sonos System with a My Cloud Home

Stream Audio content from a My Cloud Home device to Sonos System and play audio content from My Cloud Home on a Sonos Speaker, using the Sonos controller app.

IMPORTANT Important:

  • WMA music format is not supported
  • Audio content must be located in the My Cloud Home Private User Space
  • Media Artwork is not supported when using the My Cloud Home Sonos App to access content in the Private User Space
  • Newly added, moved or deleted content on a My Cloud Home will not appear in the Sonos app until the 6 hour refresh process has completed while the Sono app remains open and connected to the My Cloud Home
  • For more information regarding My Cloud Home differences between Local Area Network Share (LAN) and Private User Space please refer to Answer ID 20565 My Cloud Home Private User Space and Public Share Access

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