My Cloud Home Public Share Access on macOS Computer


The My Cloud Home Public share cannot be seen on macOS computers.
Only the TimeMachineBackup share can be seen in macOS Finder.


The My Cloud Home Public share supports the Samba (SMB) connection method.

IMPORTANT Important:

The My Cloud Home Public Share is designed and implemented for Windows File Backup. It is not designed for local LAN storage access. Although is can be accessed on macOS using smb (Samba), it was not designed to be used as local LAN storage for Windows or macOS. Please use WD Discovery and the User Private Space for your My Cloud Home content storage needs.


Connect using macOS (SMB)

  • The Samba (SMB) tag must be used for connecting to the Public Share on macOS
  • The connection must be made as the macOS Guest user


smb://guest:guest@MYCLOUD-XXXXX/Public CORRECT
smb://guest:guest@<IP ADDRESS>/Public CORRECT
afp://guest:guest@MYCLOUD-XXXXX/Public INCORRECT
afp://guest:guest@<IP ADDRESS>/Public INCORRECT

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