My Cloud Home Fast Blinking LED


Cannot connect to My Cloud Home when LED is Fast Blinking (Breathing)



Fast Blinking (Breathing) LED on a My Cloud Home indicates the following conditions.

  • USB Device Connection Error
  • Ethernet Connection Not Available
  • Device Requires Attention - Device Encountered an Error
  • Replacement drive inserted and volume rebuild occuring - My Cloud Home Duo Only


USB Device

Remove the attached USB device from the My Cloud Home
The LED should return to Solid White.


Ethernet Connection

The My Cloud Home is not getting an IP address from the network router.
Follow the steps below to check the network configuration of the environment.

IMPORTANT Important:

Western Digital Technical Support does not provide configuration or technical support for 3rd party network routers. Please refer to the manufactures user manual or contact their technical support department for assistance.


  1. Ensure the My Cloud Home is connected to an IP Address serving network router with an active internet connection
  2. Double check connectivity of the Ethernet cable at both ends
  3. Replace the Ethernet cable with a spare cable
  4. Ensure the network router has DHCP enabled
  5. Ensure the network router has enough IP addresses reserved for the amount of connected devices
  6. Disconnect all Ethernet cables "except the My Cloud Home" from the network router and power OFF and ON the router
  7. Connect the My Cloud Home to a different network router

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