My Cloud Dashboard Login No Response or Action


Clicking Login on a My Cloud dashboard with or without a password results in no response, action or error message.


VPN or 3rd party Anti Virus, Firewall, End Point Protection, Network or Internet Security software may be installed, blocking and preventing the network login process.



  1. Disconnect the computer from the VPN
  2. Reboot the computer
  3. Ensure the computer is connected to the local network
  4. Try the login again

Computer Security Software and Firewall

  1. Temporarily disable any and all computer Firewalls, Malware, Anti-Virus, Internet Security and End Point Protection software that may be installed on the computer and or network that could block network traffic and communications.
  2. Try the login again


BitDefender security software on Windows has recently been updated and now has a feature called "Network Threat Prevention".

  1. Click Notifications and then Add Acception
    Try the login again

  2. Turn OFF the Network Threat Prevention module
    For details, information and assistance, please refer to Bit Defender Knowledge Base Article: How to disable all modules in Bitdefender 2018.
  3. Try the login again

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