My Cloud Dropbox App is Not Syncing or Stopped Syncing


The My Cloud Dropbox app is not syncing or stopped syncing.

Dropbox Settings Last updated displayed is N/A



The Dropbox App may contain some type of corruption that is preventing the Dropbox app from syncing.

Dropbox files may have special characters, or unsupported file names.


Uninstall the My Cloud Dropbox app

  1. Log into the My Cloud Dashboard. Please refer to: Answer ID 10420: How to Access the Dashboard on a My Cloud Device

  2. Click the Apps icon

  3. Image

  4. From the installed Apps column click Dropbox

  5. Image

  6. Click the Uninstall button

  7. Image

  8. A Window will display: All app data and settings will be deleted.
    click the OK button.

  9. Image

  10. Restart the My Cloud. Please refer to: Answer ID 16782: How to shut down a My Cloud Device

  11. Log back into the Dashboard and install the Dropbox app. please refer to: Answer ID 10474: Using a WD Drive with Dropbox

Refer to Dropbox Knowledge Base Articles for bad file name support

For assistance with bad file names or incompatible charters with Dropbox please refer to:

Use the Dropboox bad file check tool:

Note: you will need to sign into your Dropbox account to run the Dropboox bad file check tool

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