Microsoft Office for Mac Error Message This File is Locked for Editing when accessed from a My Cloud Share


When accessing a Microsoft Office file for Mac from a My Cloud share an error message is displayed: This File is Locked for Editing.


This problem is caused by a temporary Microsoft Officefor Mac file that cannot be modified after a previous edit session was completed.


Delete the hidden temporary Microsoft Office file that begin with ~$ from the My Cloud share

  1. Press and hold the shift, command, and period keys to view hidden files

    Or in Terminal type the following command: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

    1. From the App Dock click, Finder icon

    2. From Favorites, click Applications

    3. Double-click,Utilities folder

    4. Double-click the Terminal icon

    5. In Terminal, type the following command to show hidden files
      WD Terminal

      defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

  2. Mount the share from macOS. Please refer to: Answer ID 2686: How to map a WD network drive on a Mac

  3. You should see a Temp file that begins with ~$, delete the file with the ~$ By dragging and dropping the file ~$to the Mac Trash Can

  4. A Window will display: Are you sure you want to delete "~$.docx"? Click the Delete button

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