The WD TV Live Media Player reports Composite output when the output connection is Component


When starting up a new WD TV Live HD Media Player or resetting to Factory Defaults, the Video settings will report Composite even though the output connection is Component.


This is the default setting because there is no way for the WDTV Live to determine if the Component or Composite connections are connected to a TV or a capture card. Video is sent to both Component and Composite at the same time.


You will need to reset the video setting to the needed configuration for your output type. See the steps below for instructions on how to do this:

  1. Turn on your WD TV live HD Media Player
  2. On the main menu select Settings and press the ENTER button on the remote
  3. Next select Audio/Video Settings and again press ENTER
  4. Highlight Video Output (it should be the top option) and hit ENTER
  5. Select Component and hit ENTER on the remote
  6. On the Display Resolution screen select the highest resolution your TV can support
  7. Next select the color mode your TV best supports and press ENTER.
  8. Finally if everything looks OK, select OK and press ENTER on the remote
If you are unsure of either the highest resolution your TV can support, or what color mode your TV uses please refer to your TV's manual, or contact your TV manufacturer.

In case the answer did not answer your question, you can always visit the WD Community for help from WD users.

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