How to enable and disable PM2 (power management) on WD SATA drives

Serial ATA hard drives do not have a jumper block to designate whether the drive is master, slave, single, or cable select, as EIDE hard drives do. There is only one Serial ATA drive per channel (cable), so no master/slave relationship exists.

Power management allows the drive to be powered-up into the Standby power management state to minimize inrush current at power-up and to allow the host to sequence the spin-up of devices.

All Western Digital Serial ATA hard drives come with PM2 (power management) disabled. This setting should be used for desktop/workstation computers. If you are using the drive in a RAID/enterprise environment, and wish to enable power management on the drive (controlled spinup via spinup command per ATA standard), place a jumper shunt on pins 3 and 4.

Power management off:

Serial ATA power management off

Power management on:

Serial ATA power management on

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