How to uninstall the WD Black² Installation Software and remove the HDD portion from a WD Black² Dual Drive

Once the WD Black2 Installation Software is installed on a WD Black² Dual Drive, the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) portion of the device is enabled and becomes available for use. Should there be a need to remove this portion, running the WD Black2 Installation Software again will provide the option to remove the software from the device and that way remove the HDD portion once again. For assistance removing the HDD portion of a WD Black2 Dual Drive, please follow the instructions below:

IMPORTANT Important: If it is necessary to download the software again, download the WD Black2 Installation Software from the download section of the WD Black².

  1. Run the WD Black2 Installation Software. From the software's main screen, click on Remove WD Black2 Dual Drive.


  2. Read the information displayed carefully. If the partition has already been removed, click Proceed.
    For more information on attempting to uninstall the software while a partition still exists in the HDD portion of the Dual Drive, please see Answer ID 11019: Error: 'Completion Code: 27, HDD portion contains partitions that must be removed before uninstallation' occurs when removing HDD space on a Dual Drive.

    STOP Critical: Deleting a partition will delete all files and data contained within the partition. This process is Data Destructive and irreversible. Please make sure that all data on the HDD is backed up elsewhere before deleting the partition(s).


  3. The WD Black2 Installation Software will begin to be uninstalled. This process may take several minutes.


  4. Once the uninstallation is complete, the HDD portion of the WD Black2 Dual Drive will no longer be accessible. Restarting the computer is needed to complete the process, so when ready, click on Restart Now.


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