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Model #InterfaceCapacityOperating System
WDBCTL0080HWTGigabit Ethernet8 TBWindows®/Mac®
WDBCTL0060HWTGigabit Ethernet6 TBWindows®/Mac®
WDBCTL0040HWTGigabit Ethernet4 TBWindows®/Mac®
WDBCTL0030HWTGigabit Ethernet3 TBWindows®/Mac®
WDBCTL0020HWTGigabit Ethernet2 TBWindows®/Mac®

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[GUIDE] Transmission 2.82

WD Community | Please note: WD does not support installing 3rd party apps on the WD My Cloud. If you do, you do so at your own risk, and doing so can cause the UI and other things to break on Firmware Version 4.0... Read more