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Modello N.InterfacciaCapacitàSistema operativo
WDBVXC0080HWTGigabit Ethernet, USB 3.08 TBWindows/Mac
WDBVXC0060HWTGigabit Ethernet, USB 3.06 TBWindows/Mac
WDBVXC0040HWTGigabit Ethernet, USB 3.04 TBWindows/Mac
WDBVXC0030HWTGigabit Ethernet, USB 3.03 TBWindows/Mac
WDBVXC0020HWTGigabit Ethernet, USB 3.02 TBWindows/Mac

WD Community

9 digit device code

WD Community | I bought both devices. For me the new one is total â– â– â– â– . It might have better hardware but the software is nothing if you expect a NAS. The dashboard is gone, there is no SMB or NFX support. You ha... Maggiori informazioni