WD Sentinel DX4000

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WD Sentinel DX4000 Specifications

Model NoInterfaceCapacity
WDBLGT0160KBKUSB 3.0/Gigabit Ethernet x216000 GB
WDBLGT0120KBKUSB 3.0/Gigabit Ethernet x212000 GB
WDBLGT0080KBKUSB 3.0/Gigabit Ethernet x28000 GB
WDBLGT0060KBKUSB 3.0/Gigabit Ethernet x26000 GB
WDBLGT0040KBKUSB 3.0/Gigabit Ethernet x24000 GB

WD Community

Os corruption problem possibly

WD Community | I tend to agree with you that something is broke. My only suggestion is to hook the recovery PC directly to the server no switch/hub etc. You will need to set the recovery PC to DHCP if it is not a... Read more