WD Caviar Blue

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Getting Started with a WD Caviar Blue

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WD Caviar Blue Specifications

Model NoInterfaceCapacityRPM
WD3200AABBPATA320 GB7200
WD3200BBPATA320 GB7200
WD3000BBPATA300 GB7200
WD2500AABBPATA250 GB7200
WD2500BBPATA250 GB7200
WD2500LBPATA250 GB7200
WD2000BBPATA200 GB7200
WD2000LBPATA200 GB7200
WD1800BBPATA180 GB7200
WD1750BBPATA180 GB7200
WD1600AABBPATA160 GB7200
WD1600BBPATA160 GB7200
WD1200BBPATA120 GB7200
WD1200LBPATA120 GB7200
WD1000BBPATA100 GB7200
WD800BBPATA80 GB7200
WD800LBPATA80 GB7200
WD800PBPATA80 GB7200
WD600BBPATA60 GB7200
WD400BBPATA40 GB7200
WD400LBPATA40 GB7200
WD300BBPATA30 GB7200
WD200BBPATA20 GB7200
WD100BBPATA10 GB7200
WD5000AAKBPATA500 GB7200
WD5000AAJBPATA500 GB7200
WD5000JBPATA500 GB7200
WD4000AAKBPATA400 GB7200
WD4000AAJBPATA400 GB7200
WD4000JBPATA400 GB7200
WD3200AAKBPATA320 GB7200
WD3200AAJBPATA320 GB7200
WD3200JBPATA320 GB7200
WD3000JBPATA300 GB7200
WD2500AAKBPATA250 GB7200
WD2500AAJBPATA250 GB7200
WD2500JBPATA250 GB7200
WD2500PBPATA250 GB7200
WD2000JBPATA200 GB7200
WD2000PBPATA200 GB7200
WD1800JBPATA180 GB7200
WD1600AAJBPATA160 GB7200
WD1600JBPATA160 GB7200
WD1200JBPATA120 GB7200
WD1200PBPATA120 GB7200
WD1000JBPATA100 GB7200
WD800JBPATA80 GB7200
WD600JBPATA60 GB7200
WD400JBPATA40 GB7200

WD Community

WD1002FAEX - Raid

WD Community | [quote]Desktop / Consumer RAID Environments - WD Caviar Black Hard Drives are tested and recommended for use in consumer-type RAID applications (RAID-0 / RAID-1).[/quote]from http://www.wdc.com/wdp... Read more