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WD Green / GP Specifications

Model NoInterfaceCapacityRPM
WDBAAY0030HNCSATA 3 Gb/s3 TBIntelliPower
WDBAAY0020HNCSATA 3 Gb/s2 TBIntelliPower
WDBAAY0015HNCSATA 3 Gb/s1.5 TBIntelliPower
WDBAAY0010HNCSATA 3 Gb/s1 TBIntelliPower
WDBAAY5000ENCSATA 3 Gb/s500 GBIntelliPower
WD60EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s6 TBIntelliPower
WD50EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s5 TBIntelliPower
WD40EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s4 TBIntelliPower
WD30EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s3 TBIntelliPower
WD20EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s2 TBIntelliPower
WD25EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s2.5 TBIntelliPower
WD15EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s1.5 TBIntelliPower
WD10EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s1 TBIntelliPower
WD20EARXSATA 6 Gb/s2 TBIntelliPower
WD15EARXSATA 6 Gb/s1.5 TBIntelliPower
WD10EARXSATA 6 Gb/s1 TBIntelliPower
WD20NPVXSATA 6 Gb/s2 TBIntelliPower
WD15NPVXSATA 6 Gb/s1.5 TBIntelliPower
WD5000AZRXSATA 6 Gb/s500 GBIntelliPower
WD10EADXSATA 6 Gb/s1 TBIntelliPower
WD7500AARXSATA 6 Gb/s750 GBIntelliPower
WD30EZRSDTLSATA 3 Gb/s3 TBIntelliPower
WD25EZRSDTLSATA 3 Gb/s2.5 TBIntelliPower
WD20EARSSATA 3 Gb/s2 TBIntelliPower
WD15EARSSATA 3 Gb/s1.5 TBIntelliPower
WD10EARSSATA 3 Gb/s1 TBIntelliPower
WD8000AARSSATA 3 Gb/s800 GBIntelliPower
WD7500AARSSATA 3 Gb/s750 GBIntelliPower
WD6400AARSSATA 3 Gb/s640 GBIntelliPower
WD20EADSSATA 3 Gb/s2 TBIntelliPower
WD15EADSSATA 3 Gb/s1.5 TBIntelliPower
WD10EADSSATA 3 Gb/s1 TBIntelliPower
WD10EACSSATA 3 Gb/s1 TBIntelliPower
WD7500AADSSATA 3 Gb/s750 GBIntelliPower
WD7500AACSSATA 3 Gb/s750 GBIntelliPower
WD5000AADSSATA 3 Gb/s500 GBIntelliPower
WD5000AACSSATA 3 Gb/s500 GBIntelliPower
WD5000AAVSSATA 3 Gb/s500 GBIntelliPower
Model NoInterfaceForm FactorRotational SpeedCapacityBuffer SizeCompatibility
WD7500AZRXSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 InchIntelliPower *750 GB64 MBWindows/Mac
WD5000AZDXSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 InchIntelliPower *500 GB32 MBWindows/Mac
WD3200AZDXSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 InchIntelliPower *320 GB32 MBWindows/Mac
WD3200AZRXSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 InchIntelliPower *320 GB64 MBWindows/Mac

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