WD Green / GP

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WD Green / GP Specifications

Model NoInterfaceCapacityRPM
WDBAAY0030HNCSATA 3 Gb/s3 TBIntelliPower
WDBAAY0020HNCSATA 3 Gb/s2 TBIntelliPower
WDBAAY0015HNCSATA 3 Gb/s1.5 TBIntelliPower
WDBAAY0010HNCSATA 3 Gb/s1 TBIntelliPower
WDBAAY5000ENCSATA 3 Gb/s500 GBIntelliPower
WD60EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s6 TBIntelliPower
WD50EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s5 TBIntelliPower
WD40EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s4 TBIntelliPower
WD30EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s3 TBIntelliPower
WD20EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s2 TBIntelliPower
WD25EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s2.5 TBIntelliPower
WD15EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s1.5 TBIntelliPower
WD10EZRXSATA 6 Gb/s1 TBIntelliPower
WD20EARXSATA 6 Gb/s2 TBIntelliPower
WD15EARXSATA 6 Gb/s1.5 TBIntelliPower
WD10EARXSATA 6 Gb/s1 TBIntelliPower
WD20NPVXSATA 6 Gb/s2 TBIntelliPower
WD15NPVXSATA 6 Gb/s1.5 TBIntelliPower
WD5000AZRXSATA 6 Gb/s500 GBIntelliPower
WD10EADXSATA 6 Gb/s1 TBIntelliPower
WD7500AARXSATA 6 Gb/s750 GBIntelliPower
WD30EZRSDTLSATA 3 Gb/s3 TBIntelliPower
WD25EZRSDTLSATA 3 Gb/s2.5 TBIntelliPower
WD20EARSSATA 3 Gb/s2 TBIntelliPower
WD15EARSSATA 3 Gb/s1.5 TBIntelliPower
WD10EARSSATA 3 Gb/s1 TBIntelliPower
WD8000AARSSATA 3 Gb/s800 GBIntelliPower
WD7500AARSSATA 3 Gb/s750 GBIntelliPower
WD6400AARSSATA 3 Gb/s640 GBIntelliPower
WD20EADSSATA 3 Gb/s2 TBIntelliPower
WD15EADSSATA 3 Gb/s1.5 TBIntelliPower
WD10EADSSATA 3 Gb/s1 TBIntelliPower
WD10EACSSATA 3 Gb/s1 TBIntelliPower
WD7500AADSSATA 3 Gb/s750 GBIntelliPower
WD7500AACSSATA 3 Gb/s750 GBIntelliPower
WD5000AADSSATA 3 Gb/s500 GBIntelliPower
WD5000AACSSATA 3 Gb/s500 GBIntelliPower
WD5000AAVSSATA 3 Gb/s500 GBIntelliPower
Model NoInterfaceForm FactorRotational SpeedCapacityBuffer SizeCompatibility
WD7500AZRXSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 InchIntelliPower *750 GB64 MBWindows/Mac
WD5000AZDXSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 InchIntelliPower *500 GB32 MBWindows/Mac
WD3200AZDXSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 InchIntelliPower *320 GB32 MBWindows/Mac
WD3200AZRXSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 InchIntelliPower *320 GB64 MBWindows/Mac

WD Community

Not sure about Red or Green

WD Community | Hello, If you allow to advice you, for storage you can use the green drive since is designed for it. WD Green hard drives are designed for use as secondary drives in PCs, for external enclosures an... Read more