WD S25

Getting Started with a WD S25


WD S25 Specifications

Model NoInterfaceCapacityRPM
WD1400HKHGSAS 6 Gb/s140 GB10000
WD3000HKHGSAS 6 Gb/s300 GB10000
WD4500HKHGSAS 6 Gb/s450 GB10000
WD6000HKHGSAS 6 Gb/s600 GB10000
WD1400BKHGSAS 6 Gb/s140 GB10000
WD3000BKHGSAS 6 Gb/s300 GB10000
WD4500BKHGSAS 6 Gb/s450 GB10000
WD6000BKHGSAS 6 Gb/s600 GB10000
WD1460HKFGSAS 3 Gb/s147 GB10000
WD3000HKFGSAS 3 Gb/s147 GB10000
WD3000BKFGSAS 3 Gb/s147 GB10000
WD1460BKFFSAS 3 Gb/s147 GB10000
WD3000BKFFSAS 3 Gb/s300 GB10000
WD1460BKFGSAS 6 Gb/s147 GB10000

WD Community

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