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Model #InterfaceForm FactorRPM ClassCapacityCache
WD121KRYZSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 Inch720012 TB256 MB
WD101KRYZSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 Inch720010 TB256 MB
WD8003FRYZSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 Inch72008 TB256 MB
WD8002FRYZSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 Inch72008 TB128 MB
WD6002FRYZSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 Inch72006 TB128 MB
WD4002FYYZSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 Inch72004 TB128 MB
WD2005FBYZSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 Inch72002 TB128 MB
WD1005FBYZSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 Inch72001 TB128 MB

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Is my hard drive failing?

WD Community | Hi again if it was my hard drive and only 3 weeks out of warranty I would give WD a call explain the issue they are very reasonable to deal with, be nice on the phone and you never know they may he... Read more