Data Recovery


The links below provide contact information for third party service providers who may provide data recovery services for your Western Digital disk drive. If you use data recovery services from one of these providers listed below, Western Digital will not void any warranty associated with the disk drive you purchased from an authorized Western Digital reseller or distributor if you obtain from your service provider written verification, on the service provider’s company letterhead, that it has performed data recovery or other services on your hard drive. In all other instances, Western Digital's warranty is void if the disk drive exhibits a defect attributable to misuse or tampering, improper installation, alteration or to other causes as specified in our warranty policy.

Any agreement you reach with a service provider for data recovery services is a matter between you and the service provider. Western Digital makes no warranty, express or implied, and expressly disclaims all warranties regarding the services provided by the service provider, including, but not limited to, any warranty regarding the quality or reliability of the service provider’s services, non infringement, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. Your selection of the service provider is at your own risk. Western Digital assumes no liability for any loss or damages of any kind that relate to, arise out of or result from the performance of services by the service provider, including, but not limited to, any loss of data contained on a Western Digital hard drive.

Many of the third-party data recovery service providers offer services worldwide. If you need data recovery services and do not see a provider specifically listed in your country, please contact an alternative service provider for possible information and assistance to meet your needs.

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